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For Breaker Production In Factory

This product is discontinued and will be replaced by BTS3000


Factory line test equipment BTS2000A

Every breaker manufacturer needs to test their breakers in order to ensure the functionality of their products. But they also need to follow established standards, customer demands and of course also be able to adapt their end testing to new products. To stay ahead, the test equipment needs not only to be as accurate and as effective as possible, but also extremely reliable. For routine testing.



Keep production speed

  • Customised to fit the production line
  • Automatisation of mechanical testing
  • User-oriented functions
  • Reliable hardware/software
  • Good support

Management tools

  • Monitor production progress
  • Control of approvement


Production quality saves money

  • Keep manual operations to a minimum
  • Different user levels
  • Follow existing standards
  • Easy adaptation for new standards
  • Secure storage and handling of saved test data
  • Statistics functions

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