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Analysing the circuit breaker mechanism with coil current measurement


In order to see the condition of the coils, you need to measure the current during operation. The coil current gives you key analysis points, such as the reaction time of the trip latch, coil winding and auxiliary contact behaviour. When this test is done on a regular basis during field service, mechanical or electric problems with the coil can be prevented. By watching the coil aramture time you can easily spot lubrication issues in the close and trip latches.


Recommended is to do the same as in drm or motor current tests, use the possibility to save graphs from commissioning or factory tests and display them as references. That will give any user a swift and accurate indication on coil circuit problems.



With this technique, the user can test the breaker while it is still on-line. The signal to trip and close the breaker can be sent from the control room or by manual operation from the cabinet. To avoid unnecessary risks during connection, we recommend the use of current clamps.



The equipment

Beside the oscilloscope functions that the SA10 and BTS2000A provides, the user also get automatic readings of the coil parameters displayed in the graph window in BTS11. 


Coil current measurement graph





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