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Hardware specification/BTS2000A

The Hardware consists of separate units mounted into a standard 19” control cubical. What units to be mounted depends on the requirements and what type of breakers are going to be tested. Important to know is that the system is expandable and subject to easy adaptation. Some basic sets of the most commonly used configuration of BTS2000 can be found here.



CM50 Control Unit

The control unit CM50 is a microprocessor-controlled unit used for control of external devices and data acquisition of contacts and transducers. The control unit performed specified tasks by software commands from the PC. It is connected to the PC by a serial communication link, type RS232.


Contact inputs
Quantity: 36 (expandable)
Screw terminal: X1 – X6
Measure voltage: 24 VDC
Measure current: 10 mA
Isolation to earth: 400 VDC
Isolation between inputs: 400 VDC


Analogue inputs
Quantity: 8
Screw terminal: X7 and X8
Range: ±0.1V, ±1V, ±10V (set by the software)
Accuracy: ±0.1% of range
Isolation to earth: 400 VDC
Isolation between inputs: 400 VDC

Connections: Ain1 - Ain8


Communication ports
Quantity: 6
Type: RS-232

High current output (option)
Quantity: 1
Pole screws: 200A (red and black)
Output current: 200 A during 100 ms
Resistance range: 10—500 µohm
Accuracy: ± 2 µohm


Digital I/O
Quantity: 32

Output: Transistor output, source

Range: 10-25 VDC

Max current/output: 1A DC

Input: Voltage sensitive

Logic "0": < 1V VDC

Logic "1": > 6 VDC (max 26VDC)

Input impedance: abt. 20 KΩ

Data acquisition
Sampling rate: up to 50kHz
  Inputs for travel transducers
Type: incremental encoder &
analogue transducers
Quantity: 3 of each type (expandable)



IU25 Interface Unit

The Interface unit consists of functions to distribute voltage from the power supplies, such as coil motor and auxiliary voltage. Also it has an integrated security circuit that allows for connection of security switches around the testing area.

Relay functions for required signals is also provided.

The interface unit also distributes voltage to the units mounted in the BTS2000A cabinet. The Power supply for the equipment is 3x400VAC+N+PE.



PU2501/PD2501 Power Unit for coil supply

(also used as motor supply for middle voltage range breakers)
PU2501 is a combined AC/DC power unit specially designed for testing of circuit breakers. PD2501 is for DC supply only. They are able to withstand high current peaks and intermittent overloads.

Four separate outputs, of witch one is directly connected to the output circuits and the other three are connected via electronic trigger devices, are available (Can be expanded to eight). The trigger outputs are intended for coil supply and the direct output is for motor supply. The AC voltage output is of low drop transformer type.

The DC output is of high capacitance type and can supply peaks of several kilo amperes, because of that the trigger device outputs are internally current limited to protect them selves. An interlock function is also included.


Main data PU2501:
Continues power out ≤1000 VA *
Continues current out ≤10 A *

Intermittent current 30 sec. ≤16A

Intermittent current 100 ms ≤24A

Voltage range 10 – 280 VDC, 10 - 300 VDC
Regulation at ratings DC <±1 V at current ≤16A
Regulation at ratings AC <±2 V at current ≤16A
Trig device current limit > 25 A
Input power 230 VAC, max 16 A

Size 19" rack 6HU d=500 mm

Weight 52 kg

*Intermittent power out can be considerable higher.


Main data PD2501:
Continues power out ≤ 1000 VA *
Continues current out ≤ 10 A *

Intermittent current 30 sec. 10 - 16 A

Intermittent current 100 mms 16 - 24 A
Voltage range 10 – 300 V
Regulation at ratings DC <±1 V
Trig device current limit > 25 A
Input power 230 VAC, 16 At

Size 19" rack 6HU d=500 mm

Weight 52 kg

*Intermittent power out can be considerable higher.



PU3001A + PU3001B

The power supply for motors is divided in two units.

PU3001A contains control circuits. 

PU3001B contains the isolation transformers and variable transformer.

Main data:
Continues power out ≤3000 VA*
Continues current out ≤30 A*
Voltage range 10 – 280 V
Regulation transformer speed 20V/sec
Regulation at ratings ±2 V
Input power 3*400 VAC +N +PE, Fuse 32 A

Size PU3001A 19" rack 4U d=500 mm

Size PU3001B 19" rack 6U d=500 mm

Weight PU3001A 21 kg

Weight PU3001B 75 kg

* Intermittent power out can be considerable higher.





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