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Switch Analyser SA5A


For professional circuit-breaker analysis

The SA5 has been developed for professionals users that wish to fully analyse their medium voltage circuit breakers. Expand the contact timing tests to include travel results. It only weighs 8,6 kg/ 17 lbs.

The versatility and precision that this unity offers is without question unchallenged, and it will indeed be your best partner when testing circuit breakers.

Tests in areas with high induction at known problematic substations, has proven the SA10 to be the only circuit breaker timer that could withstand these extreme conditions. It's rugged, it's small and highly appreciated by our customers.

Some SA5 features

  • The well-known powerful analysing software BTS11 included
  • Built in a small metal carrying case. All cables and accessories fits in the lid.
  • Fully compatible with our factory line test equipment
  • No panel switches, just two push buttons: Open and Close
  • Supports both digital and analogue transducers
  • Weighs only 8,6 kg/17 lb
  • Built-in printer option for operation without PC
  • Automatic measurement of coil and motor current/voltage

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Hardware specification SA5



SA5 1


Contact timing

Three contact input modules of SA5 are designated to be used as main contact channels, and three are designated for auxiliary contact use. It is possible however, by using BTS11, to dedicate any of the six channels to handle either.

Number of main contact timing channels: 3(6)
Number of auxiliary contact channels: 3
(The aux inputs can also be used as main contact inputs)



SA10 contact timing graph

Coils and motor

Automatic measuring of circuit breaker coil and motor current/voltage. Together with an adjustable power unit it is very easy to perform minimum function voltage test on the coils.

The SA5 uses 1 analogue channel to measure coil voltage and current, and 1 channel to measure motor voltage and current. For the coil, 35 A AC/DC is possible for continuous measurement, and for the motor, 50A AC/DC. However, if necessary, higher currents will pass for shorter periods.


SA10 coils motor

Motion measurements

The SA5 supports both analogue and digital transducers. A wide range of transducer fastenings can also be supplied. Elcon International is the official world wide supplier of transducer fastenings for ABB Breakers.

Number of digital transducer inputs: 1
Number of analogue transducer inputs: 1






SA10 motion


Analog inputs

All in all, the SA5 has 9 analogue inputs, However, since our intention is to provide you with a test equipment that is user-friendly and circuit breaker oriented, they have been preset to handle specific relevant functions such as coil and motor voltages, currents, analog motion transducers etc.



SA10 analog graph


Standard RS232 communication is default. However, in order to comply with safety regulations a bluetooth comunication kit is available, which allows the user to take his laptop pc  and move up to 100 m (328 ft) away from the test-object.


Both side grounded

To ensure the higest possible level of personal safety during testing is it recommended to have the circuit breaker grounded on both sides.

With the accessoary DCM it is very easy to fullfill the safety standards. 


Further functionality

The SA5 is intended to be used together with medium voltage breakers or if you only wish to perform basic testing on high voltage breakers. Should you have increased testing requirements, we recommend our field test equipment SA10.



Additional features with SA10

  • Built-in static and dynamic resistance measurement capability
  • Two additional digital transducer inputs

  • Two additional analogue transducer inputs

  • 12 contact timing channels specially designed to withstand high induction environments

  • 12 channels to measure pre-insertion resistors

  • 3 additional auxiliary contact channels

  • Possibility to perform full analysis on breakers with switch synchronisation relays (switch control)

  • Possibility to perform "First Trip" analysis


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