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Online Monitoring Software, OLM Explorer


Test software OLM Explorer

(included when buying OLM)
The software allows for online condition based monitoring for you circuit breakers. It will give you the total history from the breaker on all relevant parameters. It saves expensive outage times and gives full overview on all the breakers in any given substation.


Three in one

It consists of three different softwares, OLM installer, OLM Server and OLM Explorer. The installer is the software used when installing the OLM unit on the actual breaker. There you set up all the different hardware settings. Basically telling the OLM unit what type of sensor you have connected.

OLM server is the software that gathers all stored data from the units in the substation and stores it in a database (MS Access or SQL). It can also send this information to any given location on the internet or intranet.

OLM Explorer is a powerful calculation software that gives the user the abillity to connect to the data stored by the OLM server software. This data is used to monitor the condition of the circuit breaker. You can of course also set limits so that you will get alarms whenever any of the values goes outside of those limits. An important function is also trend analysis which tells when it is time to do an overhaul of the breaker.



Examples of parameters that can be monitored continously:

  • Travel parameters such as stroke, velocity, damping times, contact penetration
  • Coil currents and coil voltages (also gives you the reaction times of the coils)
  • Motor current and motor voltage.(spring charge times etc.)
  • Main contact times.
  • Auxiliary contact times.
  • Line currents.
  • Gas parameters such as density, pressure and temperature.
  • Contact wearness.
  • Ambient and cabinet temperatures
  • System voltages



  • Trend analysis
  • Generate alarms on fault(different levels can be set)
  • Statistics
  • Reference characteristics according to IEC62271-100.
  • Automatic unit conversion. (ex: kg to lb or mm to inches)





Temperature statistics




Spring charge




Line currents







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