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Service and commissioning of circuit


The SA10A is small, rugged and easy to use. The unit is well established on the world market and is used by breaker experts worldwide. Some advantages:

  • Built in microOhm meter (200ADC)
  • Rugged and light (11,7kg)
  • Support digital and analog transducers for travel parameters and damping
  • Automatic measurement of coil/motor voltage/current
  • Wireless communication
  • Fully compatible with our factory test units
  • Flexible and powerful software (BTS11, free and delivered with the unit)

A wide range of accessories can be provided.



Solution provider


Light power supplies (8kg 35A), transducer fastening kits, bluetooth communication kits, standard cable sets, customised cable sets, and computers, are examples of accessories that are available to make the service and the working day of the factory personnel easier.


SF6 Gas


sf6analyzer_3Controlling of SF6 gas in gas insulated substations (GIS) and circuit breakers has reached an increasing importance in the last years, not only for the filling process, but also for service and maintenance. Therefore the need of smart test equipment is a requirement.


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