Off-line testing can be both costly and time consuming. Due to the security requirements for off-line testing, the first trip operation is issued before any recording can be done.

With the new tool for the Elcon products Switch Analyzers SA10 and SA5, the DCM (Dynamic Contact Measurment), will it be possible to do all the tests and analyzes you are used too, but faster and even both side grounded. 

Today the security for the circuit breaker technician is more important than ever before. The industry organisations are putting more and more pressure on requirements for personell safety as well as for the equipment they use. 

Testing Your Breakers

Your need for complete and accurate analysis of your breakers is recognised by ELCON as one of the world's leading suppliers of breaker test equipment.

Founded in 1979 with breaker testing in focus.

We deliver smart and professional solutions for your everyday work with high voltage products and switchgear products.

Where to find us?

Hyttrisvägen 27, SE-770 14 Nyhammar. Sweden
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+46-(0)240-64 11 10
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