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BTS11 V1.6.0.2212 2022-03-22 BTS11 V1.6.0.2212 2022-03-22

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This is the installation for the circuit breaker test software BTS11.

Used for SA10, SA10A, SA5, SA5A, DCM2, BTS2000, BTS2000A.

To install the program you must have administrator rights.

To make sure that you are an administrator on the computer, right-click the installation icon for the program, 
and then click Run as administrator. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Note that "Use separate settings for all users" option will install database and settings files into 'My DocumentsBTS11' folder. Make sure that your 'My Documents Folder' is not stored on a network drive when using this option.

MS Word is required for protocol printout.

Note! Microsoft Office Apps for Windows WILL NOT WORK!
This software works for the following Microsoft Office desktop applications for PC.

Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Office 2019

This software works for the following 32 and 64 bit Microsoft operating systems. 

Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 11

Version (English Language Only)

  1. Fixed bug that caused angle transducer curves to not display on version
  2. Fixed bug that SA5 contact B and C was not displayed on data collected with BTS11 1.5.x.x
  3. Fixed error in color settings.

Version (English Language Only)

  1. Fixed trig of analogue transducers did not work correctly.
  2. Fixed communication problems with APS power supplies using their latest firmware.

Version (English Language Only)

  1. Fixed bug in motor time calculation on all mechanisms
  2. Fixed coil calculation could lock up program.
  3. Fixed motor result missing on mechanism 1 when performing test on all mechanisms.
  4. Added motor operation finished button for use of many mechanisms.
  5. Fixed Mechanism values in operation protocol printout.

Version (English Language Only)

  1. Added offset zero before start of operation of coil current and motor current curves.
Created 2022-03-22
Version v1.6.0.2212
Size 101.63 MB
Created by Ronny Jakobsson
Changed by Ronny Jakobsson
Downloads 63

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