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BTS11 V1.6.0.2233 2022-08-17 BTS11 V1.6.0.2233 2022-08-17

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Circuit Breaker Test Software BTS11.

Used for SA10, SA10A, SA5, SA5A, DCM2, BTS2000, BTS2000A.

To install the program you must have administrator rights.

To make sure that you are an administrator on the computer, right-click the installation icon for the program, 
and then click Run as administrator. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Note that "Use separate settings for all users" option will install database and settings files into 'My DocumentsBTS11' folder. Make sure that your 'My Documents Folder' is not stored on a network drive when using this option.

Microsoft Word is required for protocol printout.
Microsoft Excel is required for export to Excel.

Note! Microsoft Office Apps for Windows WILL NOT WORK!

This software has been tested to work on the following

Operating system

  • Microsoft Windows 10 32-bits and 64-bits

  • Microsoft Windows 11 32-bits and 64-bits

Microsoft Office desktop applications for PC

  • Microsoft Office Version 2205 Build 16.0.15225.20348 32-bits and 64-bits

  • Microsoft Office Version 2016 Build 16.0.4266.1001 32-bits and 64-bits

Version history

Version Language Only)

  1. Compiled with Office 2016 to fix combability bug when exporting to Excel on Office 2016

  2. Tested to Work with Office 2016 and 2019 32 and 64 bit.

  3. Made minor adjustment for automatic selection voltage or current for DCM contact calculation.

  4. Fixed better check if Ur curve is negative.

Version (English Language Only)

  1. Fixed bug in DCM Resistance curve drawing.

  2. Fixed bug in DCM current and voltage derivate calculation.

  3. Fixed Travel result calculation would sometimes not calculate

  4. Set fixed font for Graph and changed font to make it easier to read.

  5. Made changes to new page creation in Excel export that might fix export not working on some machines.

Version (English Language Only)

  1. Added contact bounce count to result. (Hold mouse cursor above contact time to display) Bounce count is always calculated before filtration of contact.

  2. Fixed bug in DCM contact calculation that occurred when no regular contacts existed.

  3. Fixed contacts not visible if travel curve was empty.

  4. Fixed Contact labels was not correctly positioned in graph.

  5. Some other minor fixes.

Version (English Language Only)

  1. Fixed bugs in setup measurement window. Added Length and angle as curve type option.

  2. Fixed bug in DCM contact calculation that could miss to add initial state of contact on some data.

  3. Fixed bug displaying old data that caused additional empty Resistance curve could be drawn.

Version (English Language Only)

  1. Replaced graph no value “-99999” with blank in export graph to excel.

Version (English Language Only)

  1. Fixed problems in curve selection window in DCM operation.

  2. Fixed Travel curve could be flipped wrong way on motor/disconnector operation.

  3. Fixed bugs in merge test object.

Version (English Language Only)

  1. Added option to copy export to mail zip file to desktop if mailapi fails to start outlook.

  2. Removed warning messages when exporting curves.

  3. Added option to export all curves to Excel. Not just curves marked as view.

  4. Improved Export Graph to Excel and Pictures. BTS11 Will retry to paste data if error occurs. Excel Application is now visible but minimized.

  5. Fixed Exported Graphs to Excel and Pictures will be stored in subfolder with substation/order name.

  6. Added graph export formats that do not require Ms Excel to run and is much faster to export if you have a lot of data.

    Data to Comma Separated Values File (*.csv)

    Data to Tab Separated Values File (*.tsv)

  7. Inactivated exclamation messages when exporting graphs

  8. Added calculation of motor times of motors on delay timer.

  9. Fixed an error that could occur in travel speed calculation.

  10. Fixed DCM close-trip operation contacts could be incorrectly calculated.

  11. Fixed motor time could be incorrectly calculated.

  12. Fixed Disconnector times is saved on mechanism.

  13. Fixed invalid FSU result data could overwrite valid motor data in test object.

  14. Fixed motor end current and power was not correct if motor starts later.

  15. Fixed motor start so that whole motor current curve is included.

  16. Fixed coil resistance will always be calculated.

  17. Fixed problem that could make motor operation does not trig when using FSU.

  18. Improved offset zero before start of operation of coil current and motor current curves. It will make a warning if offset is > 0.5 Amperes or offset was failed to read.

  19. Fixed combability issues with data created with BTS12.

  20. Fixed contact aux group 1 could under some circumstances not be changed in input connections.

  21. Fixed bug in min max draw scale.

  22. Rewritten contact drawing routine in graph to fix bugs.

  23. Fixed wrong unit was used if conversion table was missing.

  24. Added missing results and units in result table in graph.

  25. Added default settings button to input connections.

  26. Added possibility to open saved graph from the current test object when test object is open.

  27. Added dialog box appear before Test object is approved.

  28. Added dialog box appear asking to save changes before Test object is closed when changes made are not saved.

  29. Changed so that each test results updated in test object is instantly saved to database after operation.

  30. Fixed additional empty calculated damping curves could appear after recalculation in graph.

  31. Added contacts to cursor measurement.

  32. Fixed division by zero error in draw curve.

  33. Fixed error in CheckResultOper routine.

  34. Fixed error could occur if forward slash character (/) was used in Serial number of test object.

  35. Many other minor bug fixes.

Created 2022-08-17
Changed 2022-08-17
Version V1.6.0.2233
Size 98.73 MB
Created by Ronny Jakobsson
Changed by Ronny Jakobsson
Downloads 79

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