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DCR 30 DC Reducer

Smart tool for testing minimum trip voltage of trip coils ​

General information

DCR30 is designed for functional test of close and trip coils on high voltage circuit breakers with reduced voltage and should be used in the switchyard along with a Switch Analyzer. The input voltage is obtained from the existing DC voltage (Battery) in the switchyard. The output voltage of DCR30 should be connected to the Switch Analyzer. ​

Optional Fuse box MCB Order No: S169

The output voltage can be adjusted in two ways; With the integrated digital voltage adjustment knob.
With Bluetooth up to 100 meter distance via Elcon BTS11 V1.5.0.15 or later software.


Reducer 30 Includes

2 pcs red instrument cable 2,0m
2 pcs black instrument cable 2,0m
1pcs USB 2.0 CABLE, A TYPE M/F, 0.2
1pcs User manual for DCR30


SKU S149-DCR30
Brand Elcon AB

Where to find us?

Hyttrisvägen 27, SE-770 14 Nyhammar. Sweden
Phone Number
+46-(0)240-64 11 10
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