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POB35AD, light and powerful

Powerful AC/DC power supply for testing circuit breakers.

Powerful AC/DC power supply for testing circuit breakers

POB35AD is a power supply unit employing the latest power electronics technology. POB35AD generates ripple free DC-voltage and it is developed for regular maintenance tests of power circuit breakers. It eliminates use of stationary batteries during testing. Output voltage is selectable from 10 to 250V AC/300VDC. The test set is a powerful and versatile unit with possibility to generate up to 30A. ​

  • Light weight - 11 kg only.
  • Powerful – up to 35 A DC.
  • Voltage 10V AC/DC to 250VAC/300VDC.
  • Ripple free DC-voltage.
  • Output protection.
  • Fully automated operation together with SA10A, SA5A.

Use the full capabilities of SA10A, SA5A

In order to perform minimum trip voltage on a circuit breaker mechanism you need an adjustable voltage source. ​

By using the SA10A or SA5A together with the POB35AD, you can perform a complete test on your CB coils.

Make your maintenance of high voltage breakers easy. All data is automatically stored into the system and printed in the test report. The minimum trip voltage test is described in a number of international and national standards such as IEC 62271-100, ANSI C37.09 etc.

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