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SA10A For High Voltage Breakers


For complete analysis of high voltage circuit breakers in rough environments.

See the SA10 presentation on YouTube

SA5A For Medium Voltage BreakersSA5A-FRONT.png

For complete analysis of medium voltage circuit breakers in rough environments.

DCM For Testing Breakers

Both Sides Gronded


DCM (Dynamic Contact Measurement), for the Elcon Switch Analyser SA10 and SA5, it is be possible to do all the tests and analyzes you are used to, but faster and even both side grounded, and you don’t need to rewire be­tween the single tests. This is a great safety advan­tages for the maintenance personal, since they do not need to go up and done so many times to do rewiring. The personal will not so often be exposed to danger, like live bus bars or induction.

Contact timing and resistance measurement can be done on 3 T breakers simltaniously.

BTS3000 For Factory Testing

For breaker manufacturers who wants to completely automate their breaker testing.

SF₆ Gas



DILO SF₆ Service carts

DILO SF₆ Gas measuring devices

DILO SF₆ Valves and couplings

DILO SF₆ Leak testing units



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